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What is an easy diet program April 21, 2008

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Many easy weight loss programs available in the market at the moment such as – the South Beach Diet and many more. Do you have your own weight loss program? and Are you satisfied with it? Another question for you whether those are really easy diet program or are you having a trouble period doing the diet program? If you’re one of those people who are healthy and manage loosing body weight with their program, then you’re one of the lucky few. Normally, people would complain how a supposedly healthy and easy weight loss program just do not seem to work.

If you are begins an easy weight loss program from any weight loss adviser, at least you have to put following question into your consideration. There are people who hard to lose weight no matter of their weight loss programs.

Is the program appropriate for you?

Diet programs encourage different model of easy weight loss. Oftentimes, the suggestions differ. Before you actually try a program, you should check if it really suits you and your style. At the same time, concentrate to your goal. You should also have the right mindset for it.

How to determine a good diet program?

Selecting a weight loss program can be a bit confusing.
A good weight loss program should give a detailed healthy daily menu for food intake, body works and daily activity changes. The diet program must include all possible elements that would involve the outcome of your program. The diet program must give attention to balanced nutrition, body works and positive thinking. If the diet program has all these factors, you might just lose the weight that you want to lose.


New Project Wrap Up April 8, 2008

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The new user interface of dashboard on has impressed me with it’s charming appearance and usability. I think it’s better than the previous version of WP 2.3.3 but I still need to get customized with the new design.

Several new blogs have been set and online. Most of them are blog aggregate which collecting my post into topical themes. You may see the blog on gadget list and elangnet that covers all postings related to gadget and SEO. The SEO related posting were from SEO blog

Another aggregator also been set on neoblogger and article direct which covering wider topics of postings. Hopefully those blog aggregator become a useful source to the readers and eventually all links included in each post counted as valuable backlinks.

Another blog which not serving as blog aggregator are anime toy list and german auto car which contains many information about toys and the other one about cars.

If you need any information about diets why not visiting easy diets blog and Easy diets program.


Asus Eee PC Now has wider screen and bigger capacity Maret 6, 2008

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Tired waiting for Asus Eee PC which getting scarce due to high demand? Don’t worry because Asus has released the new version of Asus Eee PC 900. This latest successor has wider screen and also bigger hard drive capacity.

Asus Eee PC 900

The Asus Eee PC has 8.9-inch screen size and it will ship with 2 option 12GB SSD and 8GB SSD respectively.



User Manual of Asus EeePC Februari 28, 2008

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Asus Eee PC has gained well popularity as an easy to use interface with such an affordable price. If you have this cute mobile notebook and you need more detailed information about its feature, you may need the user manual book.

Asus Eee PC is available for download here


Have you ever heard about AdSense Video Februari 21, 2008

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Well I didn’t until I read about it from this blog. It also has some video explaining Adsense Video. Though it still in beta, but I think it will spreading worldwide.

You can see the video here. I tried to embedded the video directly in this post, but wordpress doesn’t allow me to do that


Lets support the Only Easy Thing Februari 18, 2008

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Well today’s posting is not about gadget and technology news. But it is more likely as support to the Only Easy Thing which has joined the seocontest2008. The competition is targeting first position on the Google search engine result page by using the keyword seocontest2008.


Olympus µ1030SW Strong Compact Digital Camera Februari 14, 2008

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Olympus as a major camera manufacturer, has released a new product lineup Olympus µ1030SW. The µ1030SW is a rugged and strong camera which can be dropped from a height of 2m max, support a pressure of 100kg on its body, can be submerged into 10m deep water. and can work normally under freezing temperature of -10 °C.

Olympus mju 1030SWindex_image03.jpg

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Olympus mju1030SW Shock and Waterproof Compact Digital Camera